I paint therefore I am.

“I have always felt deeply compelled to share my views on life, love and relationships. My work is my way of trying to understand the connections that I have made, whether good or bad, I try to provide a unique perspective in my work that will perhaps help others to a better understanding and appreciation of their own experiences.”

We all have the right, if not need, to truly experience true love and happiness and to understand how sorrow, joy, hate and apathy play a role in enriching this experience.

Relate V.

1. To narrate; to tell in detail.

2. To establish a relation between; to have a connection with.

Relation(s) n. (pl.) 

1. dealing(s) with others.

2. sexual intercourse. 

Relationship(s) n.

(pl.): see above. 

“My work is about relationships, told from my point of view with artistic vision.”